Call Him Boss Snikrot

Don’t Call This Stealthy Ork an Oxymoron– Call Him Boss Snikrot

He is a master of stealth and infiltration, able to move undetected through enemy lines and strike at vulnerable targets. Snikrot's reputation as a deadly assassin has made him a feared and respected leader among the Orks, and he has led many successful raids and ambushes against enemy forces.

In battle, Snikrot is often accompanied by a squad of Kommandos, Orks who have also embraced the art of stealth and concealment. These Kommandos are experts at guerrilla warfare, using hit-and-run tactics and surprise attacks to sow confusion and chaos among their enemies.

Despite their reputation for being loud and unsubtle, Snikrot and his Kommandos demonstrate that even the Orks can be cunning and sneaky when it suits them. And woe betide any foe who underestimates their deadly skill and tenacity.

It seems that Snikrot is up to his usual sneaky tricks, striking from the shadows to sow chaos and destruction wherever he goes. Perhaps he is seeking new targets for his predatory instincts, or maybe he has a more specific objective in mind. Regardless of his motivations, those who cross paths with him would do well to keep a close eye on their surroundings and watch their backs.Text

The Boarding Patrol: Orks box is a versatile force, able to cause chaos and confusion with its array of specialized units. The Flash Gitz are heavily armed and armored, wielding weapons like snazzguns and kustom shootas. The Beast Snagga Boyz are fast and ferocious, able to charge into battle with their chompin’ squigs and tusks. The Kommandos, led by Snikrot himself, are masters of stealth and sabotage, able to infiltrate enemy lines and sow chaos with their bombs and ambushes.

With this box, you’ll have everything you need to launch daring boarding actions of your own – whether against the forces of the Imperium or the T’au Empire. And who knows, you might even catch a glimpse of the elusive Snikrot himself, if you’re lucky – or unlucky – enough to cross his path.


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