Codex T’au Empire 10th Edition: The Review

Codex T’au Empire 10th Edition: The Review

Exciting news for fans of the T'au Empire as they embark on their Sixth Sphere Expansion in the 10th Edition, introducing a freshly minted Codex packed with innovations and enhancements.
This Codex propels Battlesuits to new heights of glory through the innovative Retaliation Cadre, while enhancing infantry and Devilfish units with the dynamic tactics of Mont’Ka. Furthermore, it introduces newly diversified Kroot subspecies, now fully integrated into the T’au forces with their own unique detachment, complete with cunning traps and strategies.

Here are five highlights from the Codex that stand out:

**New Detachments for Strategic Depth**: This Codex introduces two new detachments that shake up the battlefield, offering T’au commanders more versatility in the early game and providing Kroot enthusiasts with a dedicated detachment. The effectiveness of these formations will become clearer once the updated points values are published.

**Retaliation Cadre - A Battlesuit Enthusiast's Dream**: This detachment is a haven for those who revel in the might of Battlesuits, offering bonuses for close-quarters engagement and providing a suite of tactical options that enhance their battlefield prowess, including the cost-effective Strike and Fade and the reserve-manipulating Starflare Ignition System.

**Mont’Ka - Early Game Dominance**: Mont’Ka is tailored to bolster early game firepower, granting lethal hits in the initial battle rounds and providing Assault capabilities under certain conditions. This rule set is a boon against early aggressors, further augmented by powerful enhancements and stratagems that increase survivability and damage output.

**Stealth Battlesuits - Silent Predators**: Stealth Battlesuits have been upgraded to offer more than just observational support; they now provide crucial hit and wound rerolls, making them a more formidable choice on the battlefield, especially when paired with the Retaliation Cadre's bonuses.

**Kroot Carnivores - Masters of Objectives**: The basic Kroot infantry have received significant updates, making them essential for securing objectives and providing T’au commanders with new tactical options.

While some beloved units have been retired in this edition, the Codex maintains core army rules like For the Greater Good, emphasizing teamwork and strategic positioning. However, it's noted that some datasheet rules and weapon profiles could benefit from adjustments to keep pace with the evolving dynamics of 10th Edition gameplay.
In summary, the new T’au Empire Codex for the 10th Edition brings exciting developments and strategic depth to the T’au arsenal, offering players new ways to engage with the game and lead their forces to victory in the name of the Greater Good.
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