Faction Focus: Chaos Space Marines

Deep within the depths of the Imperial Palace, a convergence of enigmatic gene-alchemies and esoteric knowledge gives rise to an extraordinary breed of warriors known as the Ten Thousand, an illustrious golden legion. Wherever they tread, triumph follows in their wake.

While other factions may boast of their self-proclaimed "elite" forces, if you seek to bask in perpetual glory, an encounter with the Adeptus Custodes is an experience unparalleled. The Adeptus Custodes surpass Space Marines in the same way that Space Marines surpass ordinary mortals – they are magnificent, meticulously crafted exemplars of warfare, forged to safeguard the Emperor from those who would bring him harm. Consequently, even their most basic combatants stand equal to mighty champions of other factions, and it is in the crucible of close-quarters combat where their brilliance truly shines – supported dutifully by the specialized anti-psyker prowess of the Sisters of Silence.

Within the recesses of the Imperial Palace's vaults, a fusion of cryptic gene-alchemical practices and arcane wisdom meld together to forge an unparalleled legion known as the Ten Thousand – a resplendent force cloaked in golden glory. Their presence guarantees triumph.

While rival factions may boast of their supposed "elite" units, the Adeptus Custodes offer an experience that transcends all others. They stand as majestic, meticulously crafted embodiments of warfare, surpassing even the awe-inspiring might of Space Marines, just as Space Marines surpass ordinary mortals. These paragons exist as the ultimate guardians, the final bulwark shielding the Emperor from any who dare threaten him. Even their most basic combatants match the prowess of legendary heroes hailing from rival factions, but it is in the crucible of close-quarters combat that their brilliance truly shines. Supporting them dutifully are the Sisters of Silence, who specialize in countering psychic abilities with unwavering dedication.

Faction Rules

Each Custodian is a consummate master of close combat, extensively trained in a myriad of nuanced and intricate fighting styles known as Martial Ka'tahs, designed to counter any conceivable adversary. Their unwavering discipline enables seamless transitions between styles mid-battle, seamlessly shifting from impregnable defense to unrelenting offense as the situation demands. Overwhelmed by swarming hordes of alien adversaries? Employ the Dacatarai Stance, swiftly blending them into oblivion. Confronted by towering foes with misguided optimism? Embrace the Kaptaris Stance, deftly parrying their clumsy strikes, before swiftly transitioning to the Rendax Stance, slicing through their armored hides with ease. Becoming the undisputed master of the Fight phase truly is as effortless as it sounds.

Custodians, when deployed as part of a Shield Host, epitomize the finest qualities of the Ten Thousand – radiant with a fragment of the Emperor's own divine radiance and blessed with a trace of his invulnerability. This impenetrable Aegis of the Emperor shields them from the most catastrophic injuries imaginable, for the galaxy is rife with unimaginable horrors that pose a threat even to the indomitable Adeptus Custodes.

Unit Spotlight

In a force where even the common warriors are revered legends of unyielding combat, those who lead the Adeptus Custodes must be truly exceptional. And in this regard, Trajann Valoris exceeds all expectations. His Watcher's Axe effortlessly dismembers adversaries of all sizes, delivering a formidable impact even from a distance.

However, Valoris possesses an even more potent weapon in his arsenal—the Moment Shackle. This relic from the enigmatic Dark Age of Technology enables him to manipulate the flow of time to his advantage. While it can only be employed once per battle, its effects are astonishingly potent, both defensively and offensively. It can decisively tip the scales in Valoris' favor, regardless of the might of his opponent.

Custodians exhibit superhuman resilience, even when bereft of conventional armor. Yet, when outfitted in Allarus Terminator armor, they become virtually impervious. Despite the immense weight of their protective suits, the From Golden Light ability grants them unexpected agility on the battlefield, enabling them to swiftly traverse vast distances to secure crucial objectives. Naturally, we must also acknowledge the Sisters of Silence, the other facet of the Talons of the Emperor. Their unparalleled expertise in the eradication of psykers, combined with their status as psychic voids, allows them to effortlessly repel abhorrent sorcery and alien witchcraft.

Equipped with sanctified boltguns, squads of Prosecutors possess unrivaled accuracy, capable of singling out enemy sorcerers amidst their minions. Through the Precision ability, they can bypass concealment, directly targeting leaders who would typically hide within enemy ranks.

Weapon Spotlight

Within the arsenal of the Talons of the Emperor, every weapon is a testament to master craftsmanship. Many of these formidable arms boast integrated ranged capabilities, ingeniously integrated into the very hilts of their swords and spears. Amongst these relics, the Executioner Greatblades wielded by Vigilators stand as harbingers of doom for enemy psykers, effortlessly slicing through sorcerous defenses as if they were naught but ethereal wisps.

When faced with the daunting task of vanquishing a colossal Knight Abominant or combating the malevolent psychic aberrations birthed by Hive Fleet Leviathan, a dedicated detachment of Vigilators will expertly diminish their stature, rendering them powerless against the might of the Talons of the Emperor.

Stratagem Spotlight

The demise of a single Custodian is a tragedy unfathomable to most factions, given their unparalleled skill and experience. However, the Emperor's finest warriors do not yield easily. Even if they should succumb to the relentless barrage of enemy gunfire and blades, these resplendent heroes will defy death itself, rising once more to resume the battle. The tenacity and indomitable spirit of the Adeptus Custodes ensure that their golden legacy endures, undeterred by the harshest of trials.