Meet Wayne From Savage Hammer

If you've never heard of Games Workshop's Warhammer franchise, then you’re not on the right website

and I would try google again. If however you have and want to know how all this started then get a cup of

tea and you favourite biscuit and enjoy the read.

This is how I got in to Warhammer and how we started our journey to the Savage Hammer we have today.


When I was a kid I used to see my dad and his mates play this epic looking war game on the kitchen table

at weekends with his mates, they would play a game, then get the BBQ going and a few beers,

it would go on for hours.

I used to sit a watch the game thinking this was cool but would it not be better to shoot some guns and

blow stuff up like in the movies?


One Sunday my dad took me to this show with a huge black and red sign above the door. “GAMES WORKSHOP”

(yes this was in the 80s-90s with the red carpet and tables set up with the best painted models you have seen in your life).

There was everything you could think of; tanks, dwarves, nuns with guns, you name it there was a model for it.

The guy behind the counter gave me a space Marine to take home to start with. On the drive home I started

planning how my Space Marine would look, black power armour with flames up his arms. It may not be a

surprise that at 7 years old it my epic Space Marine ended up black red yellow mess. But hey I was 7, it was

never going to win Golden Daemon.

Moving on over the years I got more and more in to the game, moving from codex to codex until I’d played with

nearly every faction. There was always one army that stood out to me over the years though,

the “Fish Men”, the greater good, the Tau. So if your ever after a game or see me in a tornament thats what ill

be bring to the table.


Now the exciting part, how the Savage Hammer Gaming got started. Picture this, it’s a hot day at work and

I get a call from one of the guys I work with (It was Zack). He needed help on a job he was finding difficult

and we get to talking about our love for Warhammer but wanted to play more games and meet others that

are in to the something. After having our first business meeting in a customers front garden we got talking

about running small torunamnts and who else might be interested. We decided we could have a hall with the

biggest clock and banners you’ve seen and tables as far as the eye could see.

Zack liked the sound of a nice big clock and said dude I would be happy if we got a game in and one or two

others turned up to play as well.

Then this thing called covid hit, and it all fell a sleep as nothing happened for a year, as everything started to

open up again, I picked up the war phone and called Zack “dude its time get your paint brush we need to paint”.

One of my oldest mates (not age just time, just known him since the dawn of time), was big in to Warhammer.

I called the man they know as “IAN THE SPACE MARINE MAN” for his love of all things Space Marines and

hatred for all Xenos, Heretic or pointy eared space elf.

So the three of us set off to make this thing happen. We booked the hall, made the banners, set up tables

and got through hours and hours of painting, no we just needed people to turn up and make it a success.

We had done it, we had people getting tickets to come and play at a tournament we had made. 24 people

had tickets to our first event, it blew our minds that we’d made it to that point. Covid struck again and we

had some people that couldn’t make it, but never mind the show must go on.

With “The frist Armageddon” done and dusted we sat back, impressed the event had gone so well considering

it was the first time any of us had organised anything like this before.

After each event now we’re working on more and more ideas to improve the next, working on logos, process,

menus, all sorts.

“it just take one idea to make a 1000 ideas happen”

This is what I tell myself when I’ve got ideas flying all over the place, once I come up with it I have to act

on them or they will go. So from a little boy playing Warhammer in a small kitchen with my dad to where

we are now, I’ve come a long way. We never want to stop innovating at our events, trying to put on the

best tournaments on the calendar, each better than the last. So, come and see what we’re about, make

some new friends, grab something to eat and most importantly…








Meet Zack From Savage Hammer

My Warhammer journey started back when I was about 14, my school had started a lunchtime Warhammer club.

The Lord of the Rings movies were a big thing and most kids were playing MESBG. Tucked away in the far

corner though was something I hadn’t seen before, huge heroic Space Marines fighting hordes of grotesque

daemons. This started me off in to 40K, this was when I began collecting Necrons (RIP my 4000pts of

Necrons I sold for £100) the entire army I painted in a day, black undercoat, silver dry brush, done. My friends

and I would play most weekends building bigger armies and branching into Warhammer Fantasy with Dark

Elves, I can still smell the enamel paints and old school GW inks.


As we got older we all moved away from Warhammer and moved onto other hobby’s, I wouldn’t think about

Warhammer for over a decade. Into my late twenties I picked up some Tau and Tyranid models to play the

re released kill team game and took my first steps back into painting, cheap brushes, thick paint and wonky highlights.


Like many people, I really got back into Warhammer during the pandemic. So armed with paints from various

older projects and a Beastclaw Raiders Start Collecting box I got painting, it’s worth mentioning at this point I

to hate painting. So using the free time of lockdown I set about trying my hardest to base and paint the best

model I could, below is what I achieved and I was pretty pleased with it.





I started with Age of Sigmar and quickly graduated to 40K. At this point I made my allegiance with the

14th Legion, Death Guard. When I started, I would dread sitting down to paint but now it’s my favourite

aspect of the hobby and you’ll usually find me painting. I’m constantly trying to develop my skills or

learn new technique and I love helping newer painters understand everything I wish I’d know at the start.






I knew Wayne through work and one day we talked about how work was rubbish and how awesome it

would be to start running Warhammer tournaments. With Wayne’s never ending ideas (and me doing

what I could to support him) Savage Hammer quickly grew from an idea into what it is today.


We’re committed to hosting the best tournaments possible and we’re always looking for ways to improve,

with any luck we will become one of the big events on the gaming calendar. It all begins with an idea.







Meet Ian From Savage Hammer

Ian’s journey into the wonderful world of war gaming began many years ago when he was

a lad of 12, he looked upon the 3rd edition of warhammer 40K and need the orks in his life.

He and Wayne started playing many games in their local town hall! Though the venue certainly

changed over the years Wayne and Ian continued to play and enjoy the hobby.

So many many years later Wayne gives Ian a call and says “SAVAGE HAMMER!”.. so the

journey of Savage Hammer gaming began!

Ian has collected a few 40K armies, deathwatch, imperial knight and of course the

awesome orks.. he still has a few of his old models knocking about. He also likes playing

imperial assault and his Nintendo Switch.. he especially likes Breath of the Wild!





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