Savage Hammer 


Core Rules

Q: When models that possess single-use weapons are returned to a unit, can those models utilize those weapons again if they had already employed them during the battle?

A: No. This is due to the "one shot" rule, which dictates that models may only use such weapons once per battle, and the returned models are still considered the same models.

Q: If a unit with single-use weapons is brought back to the battlefield, can the models within that unit reuse their single-use weapons if they had already utilized them earlier in the battle?

A: No. Despite still being equipped with those weapons, the "one shot" rule specifies that the models can only use them once per battle, and the returned models are still the original models.

Q: Does an ability that allows the reuse of a stratagem within a phase override the restrictions mentioned within that stratagem (e.g., the limitation of using Overwatch once per turn)?

A: No, unless the ability explicitly names that stratagem (e.g., Asurmen).

Q: When utilizing an ability that permits the use of a 0cp stratagem targeting a unit, can the ability be used to employ a stratagem that targets two or more units?

A: No. This is because the ability specifically mentions "the" target, not "a" target.

Q: When utilizing an ability that enables the use of a 0cp stratagem targeting a unit, can the ability be used to employ a stratagem that targets up to x units?

A: Yes, but the ability can only target the unit itself. This is because the ability states that it must be "the" target, not "a" target.

Q: Are units that begin the game on the battlefield but are later placed in reserves through an ability/stratagem still subject to the restrictions for arriving from reserves (e.g., arriving in the first battle round or counting as destroyed after the third battle round)?

A: No, as stated in step 8 of game setup in the Leviathan mission deck, these units are exempt from those restrictions.

Q: At which step of the game setup are redeploy abilities (e.g., decoys and misdirection) utilized?

A: Immediately after step 9, before rolling to determine who goes first.

Q: When using a redeploy ability on a unit with the infiltrate rule, can the infiltrate rule be used while redeploying that unit?

A: No, since you are no longer in the deployment step of the game setup.


Q: Can an Inquisitor act as the leader for a unit of Saggitarum Guard?

A: No, as the Saggitarum Guard do not fulfill the requirement of being a battleline unit.


Q: How many rerolls does the "Lay Low the Tyrants" ability grant?

A: It allows a single reroll for a to-hit roll of 1 and a single reroll for a to-wound roll of 1.


Q: What is the correct base size for a Thousand Sons Sorcerer?

A: The correct base size is 32mm, as that is what the miniatures are sold with.


Q: Can a Transcendent C'tan use its Trans-Dimensional Displacement ability in the first turn?

A: Yes, it can. This is because it was present on the battlefield after the start of the first battle round and is not subject to the restrictions imposed on units arriving from reserves.