Space Marines


Space Marine legions

The Space Marines are Games Workshop's best-known and most popular creation, and for good

reason - they're a faction of power-armoured super soldiers who are central to some of the best storytelling in the

Warhammer 40,000 universe, as well as being perennial favourites on the tabletop. In this section, we'll take a

comprehensive look at the Space Marine legions, their chapters, tabletop tactics, codexes and lore.

Space Marine legions are the mainstay of the Imperium's military might. They are comprised of the best and bravest

warriors from across humanity, who have been selected and genetically modified to become superhuman fighting

machines. In times of war, Space Marine legions can be mobilised en masse to crush their enemies beneath their

armoured feet.

There are ten Space Marine legions in total. These legions were originally created by the Emperor of Mankind during

the Horus Heresy, a galaxy-wide civil war that threatened to tear humanity apart. The Emperor Himself is a powerful

psyker - one who can utilise the magical energies of the Warp to devastating effect - and he used his powers to create

the first Space Marines. He then gave them each their own legion, with which they would fight to protect the Imperium

of Man from its many enemies.

Since then, many more Space Marine legions have been created by Games Workshop. The latest incarnation is the

Ultramarines legion, which was formed following the Ultramarines' victory over the Chaos-worshipping Tzeentchian

daemon army known as the Word Bearers during the Battle of Calth. Today there are a total of ten Space Marine

legions: Ultramarines, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Salamanders, Raven Guard, White Scars, Iron Hands,

Night Lords, Alpha Legion and Word Bearers.

Space Marine chapters

While all Space Marines belong to a particular legion, not all members of a legion will serve in its chapter.

A chapter is a smaller organisational unit within a legion that is made up of around 1,000 marines. This number can

vary depending on the chapter's size and strength; for example, the Ultramarines chapter is much larger than

most other chapters due to their status as one of the largest and most prestigious Space Marine legions.

Each chapter is led by a Chapter Master - an incredibly powerful Space Marine who has been entrusted with leading

his brothers into battle - and is made up of several squads known as companies. These companies are each led by a

Captain who commands around 100 marines. Each company also has its own unique heraldry and colours which

distinguish it from all other companies in its legion. This helps Space Marines fighting together identify which units

they belong to and co-ordinate their attacks more effectively on the battlefield.

Tabletop tactics

When playing Warhammer 40k on the tabletop, Space Marines can be incredibly effective when used correctly.

Their combination of heavy armour and powerful weaponry means they can deal out incredible amounts of damage

while also soaking up plenty in return. As such, they make great shock troops who can be used to smash through

enemy lines and cause havoc in the enemy's rear echelon. Additionally, their ability to fly allows them to reach any

part of the battlefield quickly and strike at unsuspecting enemies from unexpected angles.

Codexes and lore

Space Marines have featured in several codexes over the years designed for use with Warhammer 40k miniatures.

These codexes provide rules for using Space Marines in your games as well as background information on each

individual chapter. Additionally, there are numerous novels set in the Warhammer 40k universe that explore different

aspects of life as a Space Marine or delve into famous battles fought by these iconic warriors. If you're interested in

learning more about Warhammer 40k's iconic space soldiers then we highly recommend checking out some

of these resources!




Space Marines are a powerful force on the Warhammer 40k tabletop. Their combination of heavy armour, powerful

weaponry and ability to fly make them ideal shock troops who can quickly reach any part of the battlefield. If you're

looking to add Space Marines to your army then we recommend checking out one of the many codexes or novels

set in the Warhammer 40k universe. Thanks for reading!