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Sarah is great at scn-hobby world she is always going out of her way so you guys

get what you need and when if you won’t to place a order with her head over to the website or email below-

How to order-

Email to get on the list - scnhobbyworld@outlook.com

if you get your self on the list there is 5% extra off your order with the code in the email every little helps.


GAMEMAT.EU - Turn your tabletop into a real battlefield!

we are happy to say that Gamemat.eu support savage hammer. If you guys are looking to get a great deal from them,

then they are happy for you to get in touch with them but just say we sent you and you can get your self a discount code.

We are group of hobby enthusiasts, and our passion has led to us developing scenic accessories for all our favorite games.

We love to play board games and tabletop wargames as Warhammer 40k, Necromunda, Kill Team, Star Wars: Legion,

along with many others!
Above all else, we love to create unique environments on which to wage our wars!
That is why we started this company in the first place - turning our tabletops into real battlefields has been our focus from

the very beginning! The battle mat - a playmat (or game mat as some call it) is the basis for our narrative-inspired terrains

and creates a themed backdrop behind our larger terrain pieces as well as the models themselves. Rising from the surface

of this detailed flat background, our scenic terrain adds a third dimension to the battlefield. We focus on ready-to-play

products so that our customers can bring their war to life straight out of the box: pre-painted resin terrain or pre-colored

MDF terrain pieces, and battle mats printed with state of the art designs on premium, durable neoprene material.
As the architects of your own personal war, we always pour our hearts and passion into the creation of our products and

we hope that you will enjoy using them to bring a new dimension to your planetary assaults. On top of that, we love to hear

from our fans, so don’t hesitate to contact us anytime with your questions, experiences, or even your own ideas for new

products. You never know, you might see your very own ideas come to life as part of our diverse range of scenery!

Contact us anytime with any querries or ideas for new products! We will always appreciate such activity!


contact email: sales@gamemat.eu



The Army Painter-



we would love you guys to know that the army painter is a sponsor of savage hammer tournaments and is supporting

us with the prizes to give out to you guys for your great work in making your arms look great on the table top.

Army Painter is known for the style of quick army painting named after them - the Army Painter Method. This is where

anyone can get a great tabletop army. Simple prime your model with the base color, then add a few specific colors

(weapons, armor, skin) followed by one of their quickshades - and it is simply amazing how good this very simple

technique can get models ready to play. You can also use it as a base to do more details and highlighting to bring

your army up to the next level.

In addition to these, Army Painter has a full line of paints, as well as many matching spray primers (so when you are

touching up the red you primed with, you can match it! . Using their quickshades can get your army to the tabletop and

ready to fight quicker than most people can imagine.



Wargaming gaming mats, terrain and accessories

we are happy to say that urbanmatz support savage hammer and if you guys are looking to get a great deal

from them, then they are happy for you to get in touch with them but just say we sent you and you can get your

self a discount code.

URBANMATZ is a producer of professional mousepad material gaming mats, prepainted terrain and other products

for a wargaming hobby.



Games workshop

The home of all Games workshop goodies

Big news today! Games Workshop are sponsoring Savage Hammer with there tournaments.

The mother land as we all know Games workshop they help us by giving us all the books and rules we

need to help you guys have a better game we just want to say thank you to them and without it we would

not be reading up most nights about different things we need to know for you.