The Tau


The T'au empire is not one that traditionally receives a lot of love from gamers. Their rules have been
previewed recently and it's clear why this race was considered by many people as being "too easy" or uninteresting
before! It looks like they're going out of their way to make sure everyone knows how powerful each individual
unit can potentially become--especially when paired up with some awesome new gear such as the newly
released Pulse Blastcannon weapon rule.


The T’au Empire has been seeing an avalanche of new rules revealed on their subreddit. I don't want to

discuss the specifics, but there are a couple themes that stand out as interesting for the whole faction!.

The Pulse Blastcannon is a weapon that has been designed to take advantage of Kharaak's many powerful abilities.

It comes with two profiles, one which offers an excellent shot at strength 16 and damage 12 for 24 inches on its

first range before dispersion becomes greater than expected; this would be perfect against any target you're

trying kill quickly or if they aren't too far away from where your Stormsurge unit resides in battle! However the

second version also includes six shots at lower strengths but still quite potent levels- enough firepower while

ranged protection close up doesn’t allow much room left over.

Pulse blastcannons are a truly terrifying weapon. The Stormsurge can potentially deal 24 points of damage

with one shot, and it has plenty more weapons to choose from! In addition the Cluster Rocket System or

Destroyer Missiles will be able put some hurt on most big targets as well making this an absolute nightmare

for almost every opponent you come across in battles.

With its range and power, the Focused shot is a sure bet for most Tau players. But if you want to take on

distant targets or ones that are moving about freely, then Dispersed shots will do just fine with their moderate

Damage rating (only 4). And because this weapon cannot move during your next turn after performing an

action which includes Stabilising Anchors-granting movement rerolls while still retaining other benefits from

such things as cover saves it's hard not too!

By rerolling the Stormsurge’s Blasty Cannon shots, you will have an exceptional ability that can really make

this model sing. Rerolling two of itsBlastcannons into better ones is a big deal but making sure their Cluster

Rockets and Smart missiles are more accurate gives it even more utility by threatening so many different units!

The Stormsurge has the tools to make these shots count, with its Stabilising Anchors action that grants rerolls

when performed in Movement phase. However it must forego some mobility for this ability but what price do you put on accuracy?

By making use of all your available rolls (two blast cannon ones), as well as Cluster Rocket and Smart Missile

attacks being more accurate than ever before; not only will they threaten different units but also minimize

Losses against enemies!

Counterfire defense system is an intriguing article that I want to discuss in detail. Finally, the new counter-stratagem

has been revealed and it looks like stormsurges will be very durable from now on! It costs one or twoCP two CP if you

have 14 wounds or more on your model and just one for less than half of this amount (6). This stratagems reduces

incoming damage by 1 which can come handy when playing against tough opponents who always seem pressure

cooker ready at any given moment during Gameplay. The Stormsurge seems like a great idea for two CP, and those

funds could be spent wisely if they allow another round of shooting from the vessel. Of course savvy opponents

will try to bait you into using this stratagem before bringing their serious weapons into play; but that’s something

only strong T'au players have deal with!


T'au have always been known for their durability. The latest edition of the game only reinforced this reputation,

as Riptides were still supported by dozens and even hundreds shield drones to keep them afloat in combat- which

many people found quite frustrating when fighting against T'au capped army with key units like battlesuits or fire warriors .


It looks like 9th will not be any easier on opponents either; now that we must purchase our drone swarms

separately ( rather than getting them free through protocols), there's no telling how long it'll take before someone

finds a way around these pesky little insects.


The Counterfire Defence Stratagem will go some way to mitigating this change, but I think we're going to see a

completely different faction when it comes time for durability.


The new codex was always going to do something unique with the army and introduce some fresh ideas like

shoot-in combat capabilities for Battlesuits—and that's great! To be honest though: There are already so many

changes in store as far as what can expect from gameplay goes (ehem-"gameplay"), which means you should

probably prepare yourself just incase your favorite list doesn't make sense anymore or has been replaced by another.


Of course, only time will tell.


The T’au major source of information iv taken in over the last few weeks and I am not going to discuss any specific

details here because it would be unfair towards other players who may still be learning about these changes or

playing with old rulesets that aren't compatible anymore (or ever!). However- even though some aspects made

my nerves tingle slightly when reading them -I've grown quite fond on this race since switching from mostly bug

xenons models years ago so hopefully they'll make an interesting addition into whatever future games include

multiple factions again!