Northamptonshire Tournament Circuit Rankings 2024

Access the Northamptonshire Tournament Circuit by clicking on the provided links to find the next tournament or determine your team's or your own position.

Northamptonshire Tournament Circuit Rankings 2023

Discover your position in the 2023 circuit in Northamptonshire.

To secure your position in the Northamptonshire Tournament Circuit Rankings, kindly complete the form below to request your tokens for upcoming events. Please specify the quantity required, and ensure that your events are added to the calendar for comprehensive coverage. We appreciate your cooperation in enhancing the success of the circuit.

Midlands Tournament Circuit Rankings


The Midlands is as follows

Boroughs (Metropolitan or Unitary):

Counties (Non-metropolitan or Unitary):



    Your scores will be promptly uploaded to ITC right after an event, allowing you to check your placement. Additionally, if you are part of the savage league, you will be included, enabling you to monitor your rankings at our events and engage in battles for the esteemed title of savage slayer.

  • The League of Savages

    Season 1 of The League of Savages offers you the opportunity to win a Warhammer 40,000 Army valued at £500. Additionally, seize the title of Savage Slayer and choose any HQ up to £50!

    Enroll in the League of Savages for a shot at winning a Warhammer 40,000 army with a value of up to £500 RRP. By purchasing a League Pass or registering for the Savage Hammer Teams Tournament, you automatically enter two competitions, as outlined below.


    The terrain layouts are in sync with UKTC tournament configurations, ensuring optimization for each mission and aligning with the expectations of a Super-Major event. Additionally, these layouts are utilized at every savage event, complete with a full map layout.


    Staying energized is a crucial part of the journey, and we've got you covered by providing complimentary hydration and caffeine!

  • Savage Repair Station & More

    For those on-the-fly event repairs and a variety of other conveniences such as a tuck shop, gaming aid spares, score sheets, and layouts per table – you'll always have everything you need!

  • Savage Points

    Accumulate your Savage Points and redeem them to receive discounts on events. Invite a friend, and both of you can enjoy a £3 voucher simultaneously by signing up.

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