Previewing New Tau Content Raises Eyebrows

Previewing New Tau Content Raises Eyebrows

Previewing New Tau Content Raises Eyebrows

At the heart of the T’au Empire's military prowess lies their advanced battlesuit technology, spanning from the nimble Stealth Battlesuits to the imposing Riptide. The latest addition, the Retaliation Cadre Detachment featured in Codex: T’au Empire, provides Fire caste pilots with enhanced capabilities to deploy their state-of-the-art combat suits against foes on the warfront. 

The Retaliation Cadre stands as a testament to the courage and strategic ingenuity of the Bonded Heroes, promoting a daring, close-quarters combat style. This strategy sees battlesuits diving into enemy lines with increased firepower, where their weapons’ Strength and Armor Penetration escalate, making them a significant threat to both foot soldiers and heavily armored units.

To aid this bold strategy, the clever use of Stratagems is essential for keeping battlesuits out of harm’s way while amplifying their battle effectiveness. Techniques such as Shortened Blade allow for precise, close-range attacks followed by a swift withdrawal via The Torchstar Gambit, ensuring battlesuit squads are effective from start to finish.

Additionally, Crisis Battlesuits have undergone a transformation, offering specific loadouts designed for varied combat roles (magnetizing your models might be wise!). The Sunforge loadout is designed for taking down heavy units with its fusion blasters, Fireknife suits target elite forces with plasma rifles and missile pods, and Starscythe units are equipped to handle large groups with burst cannons and flamers.

Unique abilities tailored to each loadout boost their battlefield role efficacy. For instance, the Sunforge setup allows for re-rolls against prime targets, compensating for the fusion blasters' limited firing rate and securing critical hits on heavily armored adversaries.

These innovations not only broaden the operational scope of battlesuits but also allow for strategic diversity in army building. Viewing each configuration as an independent datasheet enables commanders to include up to nine Crisis teams in their forces, enhancing their retaliatory strike potential in service of the Greater Good.

Commanders can augment these units, maintaining their versatile armament options while offering substantial support to the squad. The Enforcer Commander can lessen the impact of incoming attacks, while the Coldstar Commander can increase the mobility of allied units, bolstering the overall battle efficacy of battlesuit contingents.

Gear up to explore the power of T’au Empire battlesuits with the introduction of new rules and units, including the Kroot Hunting Pack and Codex: T’au Empire, now up for pre-order, broadening the strategic and tactical avenues available to battlefield commanders.
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