Savage Hammer Doubles - 

The Great Awakening

Get ready for an electrifying event as 32 teams gear up to compete in the 

Savage Hammer Doubles - The Great Awakening on an 27th May. 

These skilled contenders are set to battle it out in three intense games, vying for the ultimate prize and the chance to claim victory in the competition.

 Don't miss out on the action as these teams stake their claim on the battleground and compete for glory. It's time to choose your Favourites  and get ready for an adrenaline-fueled experience!

Time To Go Until The Event


If you're looking to be a part of the excitement at the Savage Hammer Doubles - The Great Awakening, then it's time to get your tickets now. With only a limited number of tickets available, make sure you secure your spot before they sell out.

 Remember, ticket sales will end on May 20th, so don't wait too long to make your purchase. The event is set to take place on May 27th, so make sure you're there to witness the intense competition first hand. 

Click the "Get Ticket" button to purchase your tickets now and be a part of this thrilling event!

Teams For The Day 

So Far 

Team Captain: Elliott Mitchell

Team Captain: Andrew Gilbert

Team Captain: Joe Kay

Team Captain: Lee Daniels

Team Captain: Toby gale

Team Captain: Myles Mulkerrins

Team Captain: Ali Abdeali

Team Captain: Rob Marks

Team Captain: Alex Nobes

Team Captain: David Nettleship

Team Captain: Luke Linnett

Team Captain: Alistair Kinight

Team Captain: Tom Lewis

Team Captain: Richard Simmons

Team Captain: Christopher Malins

Team Captain: Paul Ewen

Team Captain: Abbas Abdeali

Team Captain: Richard Copner

Team Captain: Fred Getling

Team Captain: Greg Criddle

Team Captain: Charlie Graham

Team Captain: Andy Land

Team Captain: Martin Wallis

We will provide you with a comprehensive summary of the entire day's events, including all three games played and their outcomes. 

This includes details on who emerged victorious, who drew, and who suffered defeat in each battle (BP). Additionally, we will also report on the most sporting player (MS) and the number of HQ kills achieved throughout the day (HQ).

 Furthermore, we will provide you with a breakdown of the total points (PTS) accumulated across all the games played.


BP - Battle's Played

W - Number of Wins

D - Number of Draws

L - Number of Losses

MS - Most Sporting Player

HQ - Number of HQ Kills achieved throughout the day

PTS - Total Points accumulated across all Battle's played

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