Faction Focus: Chaos Space Marines

Undoubtedly, being an immense, nearly indestructible war machine is undeniably thrilling. However, you may find the emphasis on "honor" preached by the Imperial Knights to be overly sanctimonious. Perhaps your preference lies in the sheer joy of obliterating everything in your path.

That's precisely why you're here, and the Chaos Knights are prepared to fulfill your desires. Utilize your immense strength and elevated status to pursue what truly matters - becoming the most formidable entity in the galaxy. Supported by the looming giants of your dreadful household, you will wield devastating rules that exude sheer power. Chaos Knights embody fear personified, serving as walking behemoths of utter annihilation that send shivers down the spines of all who behold them. While their Imperial counterparts prioritize courtly manners and nobility, the dreaded households hold nothing in higher regard than absolute martial dominance. They possess numerous methods to exploit the paralyzing terror they instil in lowly mortals.

Faction Rules

The mere sight of a formation of Chaos Knights marching through the haze of war instills nothing but pure, unrestrained terror. Even the most courageous heroes of the 41st Millennium cannot help but feel the unsettling aura emanating from these mechanical behemoths. These Agents of Dread sow chaos and erode the resolve of their adversaries, their malevolent influence growing ever stronger with the passage of time. The presence of a formation of Chaos Knights advancing amidst the fog of war evokes an overwhelming sense of dread, leaving even the most resilient champions in the 41st Millennium shaken by the disquieting force radiating from these mechanical monstrosities. These Messengers of Dread propagate disorder and undermine the fortitude of their foes, their impact intensifying as moments tick away.

Unit Spotlight

Chaos Knights have always embraced a freewheeling approach when it comes to selecting their equipment. The Knight Despoiler, unbound by rigid Imperial designations, equips whatever enables them to mercilessly slaughter their adversaries. This remains true in the new edition, and the Seething Hatred rule enhances the reliability of all weapon types.

The mere presence of an Abhorrent-class Knight serves as a catalyst for the surrounding War Dogs. Unlike the targeted bonuses employed by Imperial Knights, these auras possessed by Chaos Knights offer greater flexibility. In the new edition, the Bondsman abilities benefit both the Armiger target and the Questoris Knight utilizing them, while a Chaos Knight remains unaffected by its own aura. This fundamentally alters the relationship between the lord and squire, as larger Chaos Knights show little concern for the advantages War Dogs can provide and instead operate independently.

Among the most horrifying Knight suits piloted by Fallen Nobles is the Knight Abominant. This towering psychic abomination unleashes a tempest of empyric terror. Its psychic Vortex Terrors have the ability to plunge enemy units into Battle-shock at the onset of the Shooting phase, leaving them vulnerable to the Harbingers of Dread. The Knight Abominant tears through its prey with devastating psychic storms and scorching volkite energy, followed by a relentless barrage of close combat attacks.

Weapon Spotlight

While Imperial Knight households exercise caution by equipping their massive Dominus-class Knights solely with their most potent laser weaponry, Chaos Knights discard such restraint. The sheer vehicle-devastating power of the desecrator laser destructor is enough to ignite envy in the hearts of loyalists, assuming any of them survive the devastating beams of death with a staggering Strength 18. Similar to other Knights, the Desecrator can also wield a warpstrike claw to amplify its destructive capabilities against newly fortified vehicles. Despite battle tanks now boasting Toughness characteristics of 10 or higher, they will crumble like fragile paper before the force of a Strength 20 fist, delivering a devastating 8 damage per hit.

Stratagem Spotlight

War Dogs receive little regard within Traitoris Lances, at least from their larger masters. However, in the eyes of everyone else, they are piloting nightmarish stomping war machines. These scout-grade Knights swiftly maneuver around the colossal footsteps of their larger counterparts, scavenging amidst the chaos for opportunities. Like their namesakes, these Dread Hounds prowl the battlefield in packs, descending upon their foes as a unified force to bring down larger prey. 

There are no restrictions on the number or assortment of War Dogs that can concentrate their efforts on a single target, allowing you to achieve remarkable efficiency with a single Command point. Nevertheless, be cautious not to overestimate your adversary, as you may find yourself with War Dogs poised over a decimated battlefield, devoid of targets for that phase.