Faction Focus: Chaos Space Marines

Forget about those Beakie boyz, Bugs, and Stunties. We know what you truly crave – the exhilarating world of Orks! The rowdiest, greenest faction in the entire galaxy is itching for a good scrap in the latest edition of Warhammer Lotz.* Let's delve into how you and your Orks are going to initiate fights and come out on top. 

When there's a brawl on the horizon, you can bet your choppas that the Orks will be right in the thick of it, and they remain one of the most adaptable armies out there. Fancy fielding a massive horde of Boyz and Gretchin? That's what we call a proper Waaagh! Or perhaps you'd rather zoom into battle with a roaring fleet of Boomdakka Snazzwagons, Shokkjump Dragstas, and Megatrakk Scrapjets? Now that's a Waaagh!! And if stomping across the battlefield in colossal war machines like Gorkanauts and Morkanauts is more your style, well, guess what? 

That's a Waaagh!!! So, get ready to paint your warpaint, gather your loot, and unleash the unruly might of the Orks upon your foes. Victory awaits, and it's going to be a wild, explosive ride! *Warhammer Lotz is a playful reference to Warhammer 40,000.

Faction Rules

When the word "Orks" echoes in your mind, what's the first thing that comes to your head? Is it "green"? Well, of course. How about "brutal" or "kunnin'"? Absolutely spot on. But let's not forget the most important aspect here - Orks are simply the best. But that's not the focus right now. We're here to talk about the rallying warcry that resonates across countless worlds, bellowed by an unending tide of tusked mouths. So, all together now - Waaagh!

The ability to charge and advance in the same turn makes it a breeze to dive straight into the fray - the natural habitat for most of your ladz. With increased strength and additional attacks in close combat, you can unleash even greater devastation. And thanks to the invulnerable save, your army will stay alive and kicking, no matter how fiercely your enemies strike back.

Experienced Warbosses already know the art of the Waaagh!, but there are two changes you shouldn't overlook. Firstly, this ability boosts EVERY model in your army, eliminating the need for complicated keyword interactions. Secondly, you can initiate a Waaagh! at the beginning of a battle round, rather than during your Command phase. This means that if you're going second, you'll get to utilize that invulnerable save to shrug off enemy dakka before launching devastating charges in your own turn.

Orks thrive when they dive headfirst into the thick of the action, and the Waaagh! Tribe Detachment rule enhances their prowess with sustained hits on melee weapons, ranging from choppas to squighog jaws. This translates to landing an additional hit for every roll of 6 on the Hit roll - one hit plus one hit equals two hits, doubling the choppiness! This becomes particularly exhilarating when you have a large mob rolling copious amounts of dice, such as a 20-strong squad of Boyz or a Hunta Rig bristling with sawblades and Butcha Boyz. More dice means more chances for those glorious 6s, resulting in a bloodbath of epic proportions. That's how you truly get stuck in and make your mark on the battlefield.

Unit Spotlight

When it comes to big, brutal, and belligerent units that can also serve as Battleline options, look no further than the fearsome Beast Snagga Boyz within the Ork army.

These relentless ladz are not only proficient in securing objectives but also excel at dealing significant damage to their adversaries. Even the toughest MONSTERS and VEHICLES should be wary of their ferocious onslaught, as the Beast Snagga Boyz possess the means to bring them down, despite the increased resilience these targets may have acquired.

However, it's important to remember that the effectiveness of your Boyz hinges on the leadership they follow – and there's no greater Boss than the largest and most formidable of them all. If you seek a leader who can effortlessly cleave through anything foolish enough to stand in his way, look no further than Makari! And let's not forget his mighty companion, Ghazghkull Thraka.

 Whether it's a towering new Tyranid behemoth, a formidable Brutalis Dreadnought, or something even more colossal, Ghazghkull will dismantle them all with the devastating Gork's Klaw. As the revered Prophet of Da Great Waaagh!, his presence also enhances the combat prowess of his loyal bodyguard of Meganobz, making them even more lethal in close-quarters combat. Or perhaps we should say... "klaw-ier"?

Weapon Spotlight

Orks are renowned for their impressive arsenal of technological exports, making it a breeze to send a bullet straight into an opponent's noggin. The ingenious Meks are constantly concocting an array of diverse weapons, ranging from shootas and sluggas to skorchas and snazzguns.

 However, the pinnacle of Ork engineering undoubtedly lies in the mighty Stompa – a colossal walking monument to the Great Green Gods, bristling with enough firepower to obliterate entire squads, including the formidable deffkannon. True to their nature, Orks excel at close-quarters combat, and the Stompa is no exception, boasting advanced mega-choppa technology to carve through enemies with unrivaled efficiency. Even the noblest of Imperial Knights will soon find themselves reduced to nothing more than scrap metal in its presence.

If you prefer something a bit more rudimentary, why not consider flinging a fungal ball filled with teeth and an aggressive attitude at your foes? The squig launchas mounted on the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy may lack explosive payloads, but squigs themselves are far more devastating.

 Thanks to the Indirect Fire ability, you gain added flexibility to rain squigs upon your targets while maneuvering swiftly across the battlefield. Your enemies will be left bewildered, unsure of where exactly those squigs are descending from. And equally importantly, the squigs themselves will remain oblivious, ensuring they don't miss an opportunity for revenge should they survive the chaos they unleash.

Stratagem Spotlight

While some claim that Orks lack tactical prowess, those individuals clearly haven't heard of Mork, the cunning and brutal Ork god. Or perhaps it's Gork? Regardless, there exists a multitude of Stratagems that perfectly embody the way Orks wage war. The legendary resilience of Orks is well-known—defeat is merely a temporary setback, as they always return for another round. 

It's an ideology that surpasses even the notion of painting one's armor red! This tenacity comes to fruition through strategic maneuvers, such as getting slower units like Ghazghkull into the fray at an accelerated pace or augmenting the threat range of swift infantry like Stormboyz.

 By utilizing these Stratagems in conjunction with a well-timed Waaagh!, you can enhance both your Advance and Charge rolls within a single turn. With a bonus of two plus two, the result is nothing short of an overwhelming force. A truly formidable prospect, to say the least!