The Lord of Angels

First look at Warhammer 40,000 new Primaris Commander Dante

For over 1,500 years, Commander Dante of the Blood Angels has been a formidable sight in golden armour, wreaking vengeance on battlefields throughout the galaxy. Despite his advanced age as a Space Marine, he still possesses boundless vitality and has now embarked on the Rubicon Primaris alongside other renowned figures such as Mephiston, Ragnar Blackmane, Marneus Calgar, and Supreme Grand Master Azrael.

Dante's eagerness to strike down the Imperium's foes has caused the Day of Revelation to arrive earlier than anticipated. However, the Blood Angels' master artificers are at the pinnacle of their craft, and have equipped the Lord of Angels with a state-of-the-art modified Mark X armour in his signature gold colour.

Despite the enhancements to his physique, including new organs, increased bulk, and a modernized jump pack, Dante's indomitable will and realism remain unchanged. He embodies the classic image of a Son of Sanguinius and exemplifies the virtues of the noble Chapter that he has commanded for an extended period. 

Following Guilliman's awakening, Dante's exceptional wisdom, intellect, and sense of responsibility deeply impressed him. As a result, he entrusted Dante with the critical role of Lord Regent of Imperium Nihilus, assigning him the sacred mission of preserving half of the Imperium even without the Astronomican's guidance.

Dante's recognizable equipment has been preserved in his new armour, which features the Death Mask of Sanguinius, laurel wreath, and an updated Iron Halo. His upgraded physique is complemented by the larger versions of his signature weapons, the melta-spewing Perdition Pistol and the Axe Mortalis. This Primaris Space Marine miniature is one of the most intricate and impressive to date, fitting for the successor of Sanguinius. The size difference between his previous incarnation and the current model is striking.

As one of the oldest living Space Marines, Dante has amassed extensive combat experience and has led numerous battles from the frontlines. He even commanded an entire campaign on Armageddon. Guy Haley's book, "Dante," delves deeper into his story. The Combat Patrol: Blood Angels is an ideal honor guard to prepare for his arrival.